JJF Pet Services | (403) 585-7123
JJF Pet Services | (403) 585-7123
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Dog Walking

JJF Pet Services | (403) 585-7123
JJF Pet Services | (403) 585-7123
JJF Pet Services provides weekday dog walks both
 on and off leash: private, semi-private or in small groups (up to 5 dogs).  Weekend and evening walks are available by appointment.  Please see below for requirements.

  • 50 min:  $29
  • 45 min:  $28
  • 40 min:  $27
  • 35 min:  $26
  • 30 min or less walk or puppy visit:  $25 
  • 20 min pee break (no walk): $20

- For a multiple dog household add $10 per additional dog / rates include GST

Service Area is Central SW:  Altadore, Brittania, Bankview, Elboya, Elbow Park, Garrison Woods, Marda Loop, South Calgary, Mount Royal, Roxboro, Scarboro, Killarney, Lakeview, Garrison Green, North Glenmore Park, Glamorgan, Glenbrook, Glengarry, Rosscarrock, Winston Park, Wildwood, Meadowlark Park, Bel-aire, Mayfair.


  • Dogs must be licensed and wearing their tag which is renewed annually. A personalized tag with owner information is also recommended.
  • Only spayed/neutered dogs are allowed off-leash. There are exceptions for young dogs and well-trained, mature adults in some situations. 
  • Collars or harnesses must fit securely for leash walks - or please provide a Martingale collar.
  • Owners are responsible for teaching their dogs to walk nicely on a leash (even if their dogs are going to be mainly off-leash) and for basic obedience training (come, sit, stay, wait, leave it, out) prior to joining any on or off leash walk.  
  • Dogs who prefer to be offleash must have proven, consistent and willing recall and behave appropriately towards other dogs and human parkgoers. 
  • We are unable to leash walk dogs who are strong pullers or those who are suddenly reactive to other dogs, wildlife, bikers, etc.  
  • Surcharges may apply for feeding adult dogs, donning clothes (jackets, boots, etc), cleaning ups, etc.